Scholl S2 Rubbing Compound

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S2 RUBBING COMPOUND s2_1kg_en_product S2 is a highly abrasive compound to remove heavy paint imperfections. Not recommended for use on scratch-resistant paintwork.

The S2 is an established and very efficient extra coarse Rubbing Compound for the rapid removal of severe paint imperfections such as dust nibs, orange peel, paint runs and deep scratches.

s2_1kg_en_productAPPLICATION s2_anwendung The S2 Compound can generally be used with almost all SCHOLL Polishing Pads.

We recommend using the fine orange foam or the innovative dark blue Spider-Pad. Greater gloss results can be achieved by adding a small amount of water to the polished area.

Haze or holograms can be eliminated by following up with S30+ Premium Swirl Remover or the universal Real 1-Step Compound S20 Black.

Do not use S2 on scratch-resistant clear coat systems!