Finixa SFDC Sharp White 150mm Abrasive Disc

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Finixa Sharp White Disc
  • High initial cutting power; the self-sharpening grains are broken out of the granulate by the sanding forces, creating new and sharp grain tips
  • Longer disc life; white, anti-clogging coating that helps keep the disc from loading up during sanding
  • Excellent dust extraction due to the multi-hole pattern
  • Adapted to the latest paint systems; works perfectly air-drying primers, scratch-resistant clearcoats and UV cured paints
  • Ultra flat film backing; results in a consistent scratch pattern.

SharpWhite is made of a new type of ceramic aluminium oxide with a high initial cutting power for efficient sanding. Because of its high cutting speed, this premium abrasive saves significantly on labour! The white, anti-clogging coating makes sure the abrasive is durable and the multi-hole feature guarantees a dust free environment. 
SharpWhite sands up to 20% faster than the average sanding disc. Using SharpWhite significantly reduces labour costs and allows technicians to do more repairs. More repairs lead to more revenue and a greater use of invested  equipment and spray booth, allowing a faster return on investment.