Finixa TSP 600 Foam It

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  • Foam it! is an ammonia-free universal water-based cleaner and degreaser in an aerosol.
  • Foam it! is not only ammonia-free but leaves, once sprayed, a thin foam layer on the surface. 
  • This foam releases all kinds of dirt and grease almost instantly from any surface and wipes off very easily, without leaving any traces.
  • Can be used as a general purpose automotive or domestic cleaner, but is also useful to prepare a surface before painting or plastic repair considering its unique degreasing formula.
  • Application: spray Foam it! and wipe off with a soft microfiber or non-woven cloth.

The applications are endless:

  • Car exteriors (dry cleaning of painted parts, carwash without water)
  • Car interiors (plastic, leather, wood, metal, glass, dashboards, door panels, LCD screens)
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaner (anti-bacterial quality)
  • Window cleaner, mirror cleaner, TV cleaner
  • Rim cleaner