AV Aerosol Glass Cleaner

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Aero Glass is a fast acting solvent based glass cleaner which when used in conjunction with Microfibre Cloth or quality tissue paper results in effotless smear free cleaning.

This glass cleaner is great to use on tinted surrounds of glass or fully tinted windows, removing water marks left from cleaning, dead insect residue and finger print smudges.

Spray sparing amount onto the window to be cleaned as again a small amount of spray and product will cover a whole door glass.

For the proffesional finish wind the window down and clean the top edge.

Aero Glass

Pre Clean heavy soiled glass or dirt using Mint Condition Wash and Wax.

Spray onto a dry glass or hard surface area lighly.

Use a Microfibre or quality two ply tissue and wipe over surface turning cloth to remove any dirt residue.

Keep agitating glass untill the spirit cleaner has been removed, leaving a clean smear free finish.