Finixa POL 10 One Step Compound

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  • Based on nanotechnology, this paste can polish not only very fast from coarse to very fine, but it also brings back a gloss degree of 95%. An additional advantage is that this paste stays “wet ” for a long time and it minimizes the risk for dry powder residue. This polish paste can be used on old paints and fresh paints, also on all 2K products and the newest generation of ceramic paints.
  • Can be used for different applications: removing dust, polishing spray zones, polishing contamination after sanding, bringing back gloss on old, mat paints, refurbishing headlights.
  • 1 product from start to finish
  • Water-based
  • For used on fresh and weathered paints
  • Up to 50% time saving
  • No need for masks or gloves
  • Easy clean-up, even on black plastic parts
  • Very high cutting power
  • Low dust formation
  • Outstanding gloss