AV Aerosol Fabric Foam

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Fabric Foam is a fast acting cleaner which can be used on a variety of surfaces including car seat upholstery, head linings, vinyl, carpets, dashboard plastics, switch gear etc.

Fabric Foam is brilliant for cleaning surfaces where ‘over wetting’ of the surface is dangerous such as roof head linings in vehicles. Fabric Foam is formulated to ‘foam up’ onto the surface, penetrating the fabric or surface dissolving and loosening dirt. Only a light application is required and therefore heavy wetting does not occur, this is great as it also dries very quickly.

Fabric Foam can also be used as pre cleaner before applying Trimshine or Super Polish.

Fabric Foam

1.Apply Fabric Foam directly onto the surface (unless Leather*) which needs cleaning, apply and let it soak in for a short period.

2. Wipe over the surface with a clean Micro Fibre Cloth to remove dirt.

3.Repeat if being used on heavy soiled areas.

Do Not Apply To Alcantara OR Suede Materials

*When using on Leather surfaces it is very important to apply Fabric Foam to the cleaning cloth first and then wipe over.