AV Aerosol Trimshine

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Trimshine is a silicone based interior plastic dressing with a cranberry scent.

Trimshine is a unique mixture formulated to our own specification resulting in a product which leaves a lasting shine and fragrance unlike other generic ‘Back to Black’ or ‘Cockpit Shine’.

Trimshine is incredibly quick and easy to use, apply directly to the surface you wish to rejuvenate and restore and buff over with a clean lint free cloth.

Do Not Use Near or in Bodyshop or Paint Preperation areas where silicone exposure is prohibited.

Trimshine Cranberry

Pre-Clean surface with Fabric Foam to remove light soiling.

Spray Trimshine directly onto the plastic interior surface.

Wipe over with a Micro Fibre Cloth to remove excess.

Admire rejuvinated plastic trim and cranberry scent.