AV Lustre Quick Detailer

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Lustre is a uniquely designed detailing spray, which has a high quality formulation of polish, wetting agents and surfactants.

This combination of materials creates a sprayable polish which can be used on wet or dry surfaces including paintwork of all types, GRP and glass.

This is our top selling product due to its ease of use and amazing results with little effort.

Lustre works well as an after wash detailing mist, which can be applied to wet paintwork and is ideal for eradicating white water marks and streaking after washing.

Saving valuable time as the process of polishing can be done on damp surfaces with no need to fully dry, and then simply buff off with a quality Micro Fibre Towel or Drying Towel.

On dry paintwork lustre also works to remove and suspend light dust and soiling from surfaces, making it the first choice for car enthusiasts to maintain their shine whilst at car meets or shows.

Lustre will not mark any plastic or rubber surfaces, works great on chrome surfaces.

*Due to its silicone make up we do not recommend that Lustre is used on front windscreens as it may lead to smearing when rain wipers are used, instead use the aerosol glass cleaner for an easy way to remove any over spray.