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Pink Stuff is a brilliant interior plastic and dashboard renovator.

This dressing is made from a complexed formula including silicones, to enhance the appearance of any interior plastic trim.

Pink Stuff leaves a quality sheen which can be applied twice to leave an increased shine depending on your choice of finish.

This product is extremely simple to use and is highly economical and has a pleasant fragrance included in the formula to further freshen your interior.

Pink Stuff Plastic Dressing

1. Pre clean plastic to be dressed with Fabric Foam if area is dirty or exceptionally dusty.

2. Spray Pink Stuff directly onto the plastic surface, be carefull to avoid over spray on glass (use Aero Glass)

3. Use a clean dry Microfibre Cloth and gently work Pink Stuff into the interior trim, rember best to apply a small amount and add more if needed.

4. Repeat process if a higher shine is desired.