ValetPro Microfibre Reviver

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Microfibre Reviver has been designed to handle the dirt and grime of any car preparation, decontamination or detailing work to leave any microfibre cloth or towel ready for repeated use. 

The unique formulation is effective but, unlike regular detergents, is not aggressive,

leaving the microfibre towel revived and effective wash after wash.

This product has been tried and tested with all the microfibre based items you can find in our accessories range.


1. Place in a washing machine with microfibre cloths.  Light load: 40ml. Heavy load: 80ml.

2. Start the wash.  Do not exceed 40 ̊C.

3. After washing, allow the cloths to air dry.

Please note:  Do not use fabric softeners or any added powder detergents and bleach. Do not tumble dry microfibre cloths